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Say hello to the new Verisart

A new design to communicate what we’re really about - empowering creators.

By Vinciane Jones

We’ve been on the block since 2015. Over the years, our product has evolved and our design has changed, but we have never strayed from our commitment to empowering creators. We want you to own your future.

Our mission at Verisart is to enable creators to thrive by providing the technology for creating, connecting and selling successfully.

Owning your future means experimenting, learning, growing and evolving as you build your career. We’re here to provide the options which enable you to make the decisions that suit you.

Our redesign reflects the excitement and dynamism that are so important for creating and building creative careers in this new economy. 

As we're reintroducing ourselves, here's a brief history of Verisart and the talented creators we’ve had the pleasure of working with along the way. 

2015 - Our first year 

Robert Norton and Bradford Schlei co-found Verisart to provide blockchain certificates of authenticity for physical art. We were one of the first companies to put the words art and blockchain in the same sentence.

2016 - Our mobile app arrives

We launch the Verisart mobile app and internationally acclaimed street artist, Shepard Fairey, starts using Verisart (six years on and he’s still using Verisart!).

2018 -  Partnerships & awards 

Early in the year, we partnered with DACS to launch ‘Bronzechain’, combining a hallmark stamp with a blockchain digital certificate registered by the artist and foundry. 

In July we were the first company to win Hottest Blockchain DApp at the Europas.

The same year, we worked with eBay, Ai Weiwei and Public Art Fund to provide Certificates of Authenticity for an exclusive collaboration to support World Refugee Day. 

Verisart in 2019
Verisart in 2019

2019 - Our first round of seed funding 

We raised our seed funding in a round led by Galaxy Digital EOS VC Fund with additional investment from existing investors Sinai Ventures and Rhodium.

The help creators simplify their workflow and look professional, we launched the first version of our Shopify App to automate the creation of COAs. 

2020 - Covid & Fair Trade Art 

We introduced Fair Trade Art, designed to signal when the proceeds for work are being used for good. To support artists during Covid-19 we collaborated with DACS and Marcel for Art to create Vide Atelier, an online store where all profits from the sale of limited edition prints when back to the artists. 

Verisart in 2021
Verisart in 2021

2021 - The world wakes up to NFTs 

In January, we added identity verification for creators and businesses to help protect their identity and works. We were awarded a patent for our blockchain COAs which can change over time depending on the level of verification completed. 

We launched COAs for NFTs and partnered with SuperRare on two curated NFT auctions, 10x10 and 8x8 working with artists including Shepard Fairey, John Maeda, Petra Cortright, Universal Everything and many others on their genesis NFTs. 

In October, NFT minting arrived and we collaborated with Roe Ethridge and the Estate of Lee Mullican on their first NFT drops. 

Verisart in 2022
Verisart in 2022

2022 - Bringing NFTs to Shopify 

We kicked off the year with 22 for 2022, a curated NFT auction in partnership with Artsy. Creators included Pindar Van Arman, Mario Klingemann, Penny Slinger, Vhils and 18 other artists. 

In February 2022, we added NFT Minting to our Shopify App and became one of a handful of Shopify-approved blockchain partner apps. Our app enables businesses and creators to sell certified NFTs directly through their branded storefront.

We couldn’t have done any of this without our community. There are now over 25,000 of you and together, you’ve created more than 100,000 NFTs and COAs. Thank you to you - the creators, creative businesses and galleries who have been us on this journey.  

Here’s to the future of creativity and growing your career along the way. We can’t wait to see what the next years have in store.

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