A Fair Trade Art Certificate requires approval by both the artist and verified partner. The Fair Trade Art logo, along with the artist’s signature, signals to potential buyers that one of these conditions has been met.

Charitable Cause

Highlight information about the split of sales proceeds raising funds for a charitable cause or charity auction.

Artist Direct Proceeds

It’s important that artists benefit from their work. Let collectors know if the artist is receiving at least 50% or more of the sale proceeds.

Royalties & Restrictions

Communicate ongoing requirements linked to the sale such as artist royalties, charitable donations or restrictions on subsequent sales.

The Fair Trade Art logo

Four interlinked lines representing the artist, gallery, platform and cause. It can be read as two equals (=) signs, interwoven, representing exchange, fairness and equality.

"In an attempt to manifest the ideals I champion in my art in the real world, I will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this work to Amnesty International to support their important human rights efforts. Using the Fair Trade art certificate for my inaugural NFT sale, collectors will know what charitable cause the work supports."

Shepard Fairey, artist & activist

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