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Verisart partners with DePay for web3 payments

We've teamed up with DePay, the web3 payment provider, so you can give your NFT customers a smooth crypto-native payment flow. 

By Vinciane Jones

Verisart’s all-in-one web3 Shopify app is designed to provide a no-code solution for making buying and selling NFTs easier than ever. Our mission is to ensure you can cater to all your customers, whether they’re new to NFTs and want to pay with a credit card or are experienced and prefer paying in crypto. 

The Verisart Shopify App works with any payment provider you set up on your store. This includes card payment providers like Shopify and PayPal as well as crypto providers like Coinbase Commerce and now DePay.

We teamed up with DePay, the web3 payment provider, so you can give NFT customers a smooth crypto-native payment flow. 

Using Verisart and DePay on your Shopify store gives you the best of the web2 and web3. Enabling a web3 payment and fulfillment experience while still allowing you to leverage Shopify's built-in data collection and account management features. 

How does it work for your customers? 

Before you set your product live, configure the NFT in the Verisart Shopify App. Once the NFT is live in your store, customers can add it to their cart like any physical item. 

At checkout, customers can select the DePay option to pay with crypto. 

They’ll be asked to connect their wallet, confirm the transaction and pay in crypto. 

And that’s it! The NFT is minted and directly translated to the customer’s wallet. Customers receive an email to easily view their NFT from their own personalized dashboard on your store, in addition to their purchase invoice. 

Easy to install 

DePay supports thousands of different tokens as payment including Stablecoins, Ethereum, and Matic. Their payment provider automatically converts incoming payments into the tokens merchants want to receive.

You can get set up with DePay in just a few simple steps. After adding and installing the DePay app on your Shopify store, you’ll need to connect a wallet, select your preferred cryptocurrencies and provide some information for verification requirements. Once you’ve been verified you can enable payments on your store and offer crypto payments to your customers. DePay will automatically work with the Verisart App so you won’t need to take any additional steps to get started. 

Robert Norton, Verisart’s co-founder and CEO, said: “We’re excited about this partnership with DePay which for the first time, allows customers buying NFTs on Shopify to send NFTs directly to customer wallets. This is another way in which the Verisart Shopify app offers unparalleled flexibility for merchants entering the web3 space”. 

Install the DePay App to get started or test it out on the Verisart Demo store.

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