Certify and verify artwork instantly

Create secure digital certificates for art and collectibles.
Bind them to detailed provenance records.

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Tamper-Proof certificates for art and collectibles. Secured by cryptography.

Verisart applies blockchain technology to combine transparency, anonymity and security to protect your records of creation and ownership.

Verisart is building evidentiary infrastructure for artworks and collectibles that is verifiable by anyone. Create a museum quality record for any object in 2 easy steps using your mobile device or computer. Records are encrypted and timestamped by the world’s most-trusted decentralized ledger. Certificates are easy to manage and can be shared or transferred at any time.

Verisart is building a new global standard for art certification and verification.

    Fair trade art is an initiative designed to bring together artists and social impact organizations to do good. It certifies the artist and any nominated cause are directly benefiting from the sale of the work.