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Physical Meets Digital

Secure QR Stickers

Link the physical to your digital certificate and get a COA+, our highest level of confidence.

  • Holographic sticker

  • Secure QR code

  • Unique serial number

  • Tamperproof

  • Acid-free adhesive

$50 Grow Pack with 25 stickers, $175 per 100 stickers

Easily create a secure link

Scan QR code

Customers or creators scan the QR sticker on the object the attached QR sticker

Verify your purchase

Create link and get a COA+

A Premium Experience

Holographic certificates

Impress with beautifully designed secure certificates

  • 120gsm paper

  • Iris watermark & strip hologram

  • Invisible UV printing & heat-sensitive ink squares

  • Unique serial number

Print on any color printer with our secure paper stock

$5 per certificate, minimum order of 100 certificates