Make your art interactive

Solutions for linking the physical and digital

Go phygital

Provide a seamless phygital experience using our discreet NFC tags or QR stickers

Protect against forgery

Transact with confidence by securely linking Certificates of Authenticity to physical assets

Connect with your community

Share your story and give collectors exclusive tokengated access to content

Easily create a secure link

Holographic Certificates

Go beyond paper and offer a premium experience.

  • A4 120gsm security paper

  • Iris strip hologram and watermark

  • Invisible UV printing & thermochromic ink squares

  • Matching serial number on both sides

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NFC tags

QR stickers

How to go phygital

Tap or scan

Read the NFC or QR tag attached

Verify your purchcase

Confirm your email address

Create link & get COA plus

Linking upgrades COA to COA plus