Make your art interactive

Solutions for linking the physical and digital

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Go phygital

Provide a seamless phygital experience using our discreet NFC tags or QR stickers

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Transact with confidence

Protect against forgery by securely linking Certificates of Authenticity to physical assets


Connect with community

Share your story and give collectors exclusive access to content

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Easily create a secure link

Tap or scan

Read the NFC tag or QR scanner attached

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Create link and get a COA+

Holographic certificates

Impress customers with beautifully designed secure certificates.

  • 120gsm paper

  • Iris watermark & strip hologram

  • Invisible UV printing & heat-sensitive ink squares

  • Unique serial number

Print on any color printer with our secure paper stock

Smart NFC tags

Discreet NFC tags to make your work interactive

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Secure QR stickers

Tamperproof QR stickers to authenticate your art

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Holographic certificates

Print your certificates on holographic paper

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