Artsy x Verisart

22 for 2022

Neïl Beloufa


22 for 2022

Daniel Brown

A Return to The Sprawl: The Station

22 for 2022

Sougwen Chung

Ligatures (Node 2)

22 for 2022

Philip Colbert

Hockney and the Lobster

22 for 2022

Mat Collishaw


22 for 2022

Linda Dounia

Dust is hard to breathe

22 for 2022

Mike Egan

Urn Burial

22 for 2022

Shepard Fairey

OG Obey V.1

22 for 2022

Vince Fraser

Champion of change

22 for 2022

Leo Isikdogan

Artificial Convergent Evolution

22 for 2022

Mario Klingemann

Hyperdimensional Attractions - Hibernation

22 for 2022

Lee Mullican

Comp Joy One

22 for 2022

Recycle Group

The Navel

22 for 2022

Manuel Rossner

Bouncy Sculpture V

22 for 2022

Jennifer Rubell

Mona Lisa Sold

22 for 2022

Penny Slinger

Don’t Look At Me In That Tone of Voice

22 for 2022



22 for 2022


My Life in Presets

22 for 2022

Pindar Van Arman

Ghosts in the Machine - bitGANg 1001

22 for 2022

Mark Wallinger

Lake Garda Full Moon

22 for 2022



22 for 2022

Jonathan Yeo

I've been expecting you

22 for 2022

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About this drop

Meet the artists celebrating the breadth of creativity in the NFT space.

Artsy and Verisart present 22 for 2022, a selection of 22 works by 22 contemporary artists showcasing the widespread engagement with NFTs across artistic disciplines, styles and generations. The participating artists reflect a variety of mediums including AI, NFTs, painting, installation, photography, robotics, sculpture, video and more - all developing their own striking visual style. Through this auction, Verisart and Artsy are shining the spotlight on these creative visionaries and next-generation artists.

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Artsy is the largest global online marketplace for discovering, buying, and selling fine art by leading artists. Artsy connects 4,000+ galleries, auction houses, art fairs, and institutions from 100+ countries with more than 2 million global art collectors and art lovers across 190+ countries. Artsy makes purchasing art welcoming, transparent and low-friction with industry-leading technology that connects supply and demand safely and securely at a global scale. Launched in 2012, Artsy is headquartered in New York City with offices in London, Berlin, and Hong Kong.


What are NFTs?

NFTs or ‘non-fungible tokens’ are unique cryptographic tokens. They provide digital scarcity, proof of ownership and a transaction history allowing creators to monetize their works and collectors to trade them.

Why collect digital art NFTs?

NFTs are breaking down barriers to access for digital art. It’s a market with phenomenal growth offering collectors a new and exciting way to buy art. NFTs enable royalties on secondary sales, ensuring creators benefit from their work in the longer term.

What is Verisart Minting?

Verisart Minting helps artists to create industry-leading Certified NFTs. Our ERC-721 smart contracts use best practices for asset storage and metadata. We build trust by verifying creator identities and artists maintain creative control by choosing the right blockchain, marketplace & smart contract.

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What are Certified NFTs?

All Verisart NFTs are Certified NFTs and carry an integrated COA (Certificate of Authenticity) from the artist. Our patented blockchain COAs provide a verifiable, living record of the work that can be easily updated and provide access to collector rewards.

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