Elevate your products and impress your customers 

Professional certificates designed to make your creations and products stand out, all securely and permanently registered on the blockchain.

Simplify your workflow

Save time and effort by automating your certification process with our Shopify App. Includes industry-leading editions support.

Configure the App to fit your needs

Designed to fit in with your branding and Shopify store set up. Customize your customer’s experience and add your logo and background to your certificates.

Integrate with your Verisart account

Seamlessly integrates with Verisart.com so you can keep track of issued certificates. 

What's on a Verisart certificate?

Instill confidence from the start by displaying the Verisart Certified logo

Certified products display the verified tick

Customers automatically receive an email with a link to their digital certificate

Install our Shopify App

Discover the benefits of our Shopify App

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