What is creative authenticity?

Verified identity

  • Protects creators and collectors from fraud

  • Show a verified tick by the creator's name

  • Be added to a museum-quality registry of verified creators

Tell your own story

  • Tell the unique story of the creation that marketplaces can't

  • Include audio, video, images, notes and other files

  • Add content at any time

Connect with collectors

  • Stay connected even as creations change hands

  • Reward collectors with exclusive content

  • Build a community of shared interest and investment

Discover Verisart Certified

Digital certificates

  • Certify physical and digital creations at Verisart.com

  • Display the logo on personal and gallery websites


  • Certify NFTs minted on 7 major NFT marketplaces

  • Create certificates for any type of product with our Shopify App

Instagram & Twitter

  • Easily share certificates on social

  • Link back to a unique, permanent URL on Verisart.com

Printed certificates & labels

  • Impress collectors with professional, printed certificates

  • Link physical to digital with secure QR codes and artwork labels

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