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This series of six inaugural NFTs by Jacco Olivier, showcase his signature style - intimate animated films which fuse painting and filmmaking. Six different animals; a giraffe, a swan, a brown bear, a polar bear, a sea turtle and a tiger, travel across a painting and your screen. 

With generous and spontaneous brushstrokes, Olivier captures these animals in his delightful worlds in which representation and abstraction overlap and interplay. Each animal has its own unique character and movement, from the slow steady plodding of the brown bear to the graceful flight of the swan and the giraffe’s gangly galloping.  The viewer is invited to watch these animals, but also to watch the painting itself. As the film unfolds we are watching a living painting.

In recognition of the importance of these beautiful creatures and our world's precious fauna, a portion of the sale will be donated to WWF. The works are available for sale on Verisart's SuperRare Space. 

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Jacco Olivier (b. 1972) melds painting and photography into intimate animated films which document his painting process. As he paints, Olivier photographs each evolution of the work before using the still images to create stop-action animation. Olivier frequently captures simple moments in daily life, a bus journey, a swim in the ocean or a film in a theatre. The short films are set in enigmatic worlds, often an interplay between representation and abstraction. More recently, Olivier has also explored fully abstract works creating a visual language that is his alone. Although the process of photographing the action requires the artist to step away from the canvas each time, Olivier paints with spontaneous and expressive brushstrokes. His works are a journey through the act of painting, where the viewer is invited to see every change to the composition and there is an organic feel to each film as the painting evolves in front of the viewer’s eyes. 

Jacco Olivier has had solo exhibitions at Marianne Boesky, Victoria Miro, Ron Mandos Gallery, Blaffer Gallery, University of Houston, Texas and the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Caja de Burgos, Spain. His works were also included in the 8th SITE Santa Fe Biennial: The Dissolve. Jacco Olivier lives and works in Amsterdam.


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