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Introducing Verisart Minting

Discover our Minting Service features and learn about Certified NFTs

By Vinciane Jones

We are delighted to announce the early access launch of our Minting Service. Verisart has been helping creators harness the power of blockchain since 2015 through our digital certificates and we are looking forward to supporting creativity in new ways!

The NFT space is exciting and provides a wide range of opportunities for all creators. From new ways to sell, greater recognition of digital art, vibrant collector communities and royalties on secondary sales. Over the past year, the NFTs have seen exponential growth but in a crowded, fast-moving market, knowing where to get started and how to plan for the future can sometimes be tricky. 

Minting service
Minting service

Verisart minting

Not all NFTs are created equal. We know how much you care about the quality of your creations, selling your work and looking professional so we’ve created industry-leading Certified NFTs which reflect the quality and care you put into the work. Verisart NFTs ensure artists' creations and royalties are protected for the future and help you build trust with collectors.    

Whether you’ve been minting NFTs since 2018 or are just taking your first step in the space now, Verisart Minting is for you.

What does Verisart Minting offer? 

Designed for flexibility and built for trust, our NFTs are designed to help you create and sell your work in the way you choose.

  • Industry-leading NFT standards

  • Chose from multiple blockchains

  • Sell on multiple marketplaces

  • Mint on Verisart’s contract or create your own custom contract

  • Integrated Verisart Certificate of Authenticity and verified identity

  • Multiple wallets

  • Collector rewards

  • Files up to 100MB

  • Download a backup of your NFT and certificate

Leo Isikdogan, Genesis of a Simulated Universe, NFT minted on Verisart
Leo Isikdogan, Genesis of a Simulated Universe, NFT minted on Verisart

What are Certified NFTs?

All Verisart NFTs are Certified NFTs, meaning they carry an integreated Certificate of Authenticity. Trust between creators and collectors and clear provenance are as important in the digital space as they are in the physical world. Although NFTs provide transactional authenticity and information who owns the work, they don't provide any guarantee about the true identity of the creator. As the popularity of NFTs has grown, hackers and scammers have found new ways of exploiting security loopholes and creating fraudulent identities. Additional verification processes are key to protecting both creators and collectors.

At Verisart, we verify the artist's identity and ensure NFTs are minted from the artist's individual wallet, providing the clear link between creator and creation that is vital to building trust within the NFT market.

Minting custom contracts

Verisart recognizes the importance of ownership and strong provenance. With Verisart Minting you can easily create your own custom contracts, providing one home for all your NFTs or a specific project and a direct provenance from you to your collector. 

  • Create a custom contract in just a few clicks 

  • Manage multiple custom contracts  

Easily deploy and mint from custom contracts
Easily deploy and mint from custom contracts

Verisart Advisory Service 

For high-value NFTs and creators in need of custom support, we also provide advisory services guiding creators in this space. 

We have helped over 25 artists and galleries, including Shepard Fairey, Neïl Beloufa, Petra Cortright and Roe Ethridge, with their inaugural NFTs generating over $1 million in sales. See our curated art drops 10x10 and 8x8 for more information.

Support includes end-to-end handling of minting and sale, custom drop pages, contextualization and promotion through Verisart and our marketplace partners. To register your interest, fill in this short form.

Derek Boshier and Shapeshifter7, Kpop-pop (extract), NFT minted on Verisart, 2021
Derek Boshier and Shapeshifter7, Kpop-pop (extract), NFT minted on Verisart, 2021

Looking ahead 

This is just the beginning! New features will be rolling out over the next few weeks including:

  • NFT editions

  • Listing on Rarible

  • Minting on Polygon

  • Support for 3D files

  • Minting by galleries on behalf of authorized artists

Who's using Verisart Minting?

Don’t just take our word for it, we’re working with leading artists including:

  • Roe Ethridge 

  • Shepard Fairey 

  • Derek Boshier

  • Yassi Mazandi

  • And many more brilliant creators.

Start minting now!

Early access to our minting service is live now. Sign up or log in today to become an early adopter.

  • Minting is currently available on all Verisart plans

  • Custom Contracts are available on the Premium or Business plans

We can’t wait to see what you create!


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