Identity Verification

  • Verify your identity to create more secure Certificates of Authenticity

  • Display your verified status on your certificate

Certificate types

  • Discover our new certificate types, Registered Records and Certificates of Authenticity, and choose what suits you

  • Upgrade certificates anytime by meeting specific requirements for certificate types

Greater flexibility

  • Certify images and GIFs

  • Add supporting videos, audio files and documents to your certificates with privacy controls

  • Edit certificates more easily: make changes to images, production year and more

New design

  • Slicker certificate and label design created to ensure your work stands out 

  • New labels with secure QR codes to link your certificate to your work

Limited editions and customizations

  • Create multiple editions directly in the certify form

  • Apply new customizations anytime and soon you’ll be able to save them as templates

What's next?

Artist approvals and endorsements

Creators have more control and can approve certificates created on their behalf.

Holographic certificates and labels

Bespoke printed holographic certificates and labels.

Improved Shopify app

Seamlessly integrates with your store generating professional Certificates of Authenticity for all your product listings as part of the checkout process.

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