NFT Certification

For Creators

Verified identity

  • Give buyers confidence by showing your verified tick

  • Create trustworthy listings on any marketplace

  • Gain easier access to invite-only marketplaces

Tell your own story

  • The story of the artwork - as told by you

  • Include audio, video, images, notes and other files

  • Your record stays accessible, even when creations change hands

One place for everything

  • Track all your listings of different marketplaces in one place

  • Maintain a stable, accurate record even when NFTs change hands

  • Easily manage both digital and physical creations

Reward collectors & build community

  • Reward collectors with exclusive content only they can unlock

  • Build a community of collectors

  • Reach a network of motivated buyers for future work

For marketplaces

Verisart can integrate with NFT marketplaces to verify creators and create Certificates of Authenticity.

Verify creators to reduce fraud

  • Reduce the risk of fraud by verifying creators' identities

  • Speed up the creator application and onboarding process

  • Rely on museum-standard, industry-trusted verification

Build collectors' confidence

  • Issue professional Certificates of Authenticity that...

  • Give collectors confidence and reward them when they buy

  • Support artists telling their own stories of the artwork

  • Enable blended digital-physical drops

Supported platforms

On NFT owners can certify NFTs minted on:

  • Foundation

  • Known Origin

  • Makersplace

  • Nifty Gateway

  • OpenSea

  • Rarible

  • SuperRare

Coming soon

We’re actively working on improving our support for NFTs:

  • Populating certificates automatically from the blockchain

  • Allow owners to claim certificates after purchase or transfer

  • Synching certificate history with live NFT transactions

1. Verified creator

Neïl Beloufa is a verified creator. He’s proven his real-world identity so the verified tick appears next to his name.

2. Story behind the creation

Neïl included preliminary sketches and other files that tell the story of the work, including an exhibition catalogue and guide, videos and more.

3. Exclusive collector reward

The certificate contained a reward for the collector who bought the work - A private link to the full-length film shown at Neïl's physical exhibition.

4. Validated on the blockchain

The identifying chain info from the NFT, its contract address and token ID are verified by Verisart and displayed on the certificate.