Use Art Blocks Engine on Shopify

As generative art grows in popularity, you can now use Art Blocks Engine on your Shopify storefront to make generative art more accessible for your community

View works using Art Blocks Engine featured in Gazelli Art House's exhibition 'GEN/GEN: Generative Generations'

Loren Bednar


Rhea Myers

Darien Brito

Giving artists more choice

Customizable settings

Set limits for contract deployment and minting

Optimize gas fees

Decide if the customer or merchant pays

Go phygital

Pair physical products with your digital sales

Expanding access for collectors

Choose payment methods

Check out with credit card, Paypal, Apple Pay or crypto

Customer dashboard

See all your physical and digital collections in one place

Integrated collector rewards

Easily unlock bonus content directly from the artist

In case you missed it

Verisart and Gazelli Art House co-hosted a Twitter space featuring leading generative artists


  • Loren Bednar

Loren Bednar

"Deploying my series was seamless. The workflow was familiar to me as an Art Blocks artist and Verisart's team was very responsive!"

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