How do galleries and artists use Verisart?

Sell digital art

Create and sell digital art on your own Shopify store or leading NFT marketplaces

Protect creations

Improve collectors’ experience

Created for flexibility and control

Your art, your choice

Turn any video, image or 3D file into a digital collectible. Choose your preferred blockchain (Ethereum & Polygon) and smart contract

Make it your own

Add your own branding and fully customize your collector communication channels

Link the physical and digital

Add secure QR holographic stickers to link physical works to digital records

Physical linking and editions support

Printed products

Enhance collectors' experience with holographic certificates and secure QR stickers

Instantly certify editions

Set your privacy settings

One platform for all your needs

Work with multiple artists

Easily create digital collectibles and Certificates of Authenticity for your artists

Inventory management 

Certify all your artworks, both physical and digital, and view them from one dashboard 

Share your story

Update information about exhibitions, press releases and more to your certificate at any point