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We’re an award-winning certification service to help you easily create professional Certificates of Authenticity securely registered on the blockchain.

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Why Verisart?

Look more professional

Show collectors you mean business and ensure your work stands out with sleek and professional museum-quality certificates.

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Why Verisart?

One place for digital & physical

Certify digital or physical creations, including NFTs, video, digital art, paintings, print editions, collectibles and more. Manage them all from your dashboard.

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Creative Authenticity

Enhanced trust for NFTs

Prove you're the creator, tell your own story and share exclusive rewards with collectors. Simply link a wallet to claim certificates and rewards.

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Who is it for?


Take charge

Certifying has never been easier. Join thousands of artists using our service from young graduates to world-famous artists like Shepard Fairey.


Reach new collectors

By providing collectors with digital certificates, you can track subsequent sales and reach new customers when certificates are transferred.


Secure your assets

Never lose a paper certificate again. Certificates are securely stored and can be set to private or public status.

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