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10 x 10 / Inaugural NFTs


Michael Joo

Future Imperfect, 2021

  • Composite video MP4 of Mixed Media SculptureNFT
  • 784 x 1151 px
  • 0:28 min
    Signed by the creatorSigned by the creator
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  • Michael Joo’s NFT is based on Future Imperfect, a 2009 installation of the same name. “For the sculpture, made after a crippling accident in 2008, I acquired actress Sharon Park’s third flight-suit from the series Battlestar Galactica and ran it through the CT scanning and x-ray equipment used to image my healing injury. The work was installed with a geodesic helmet of live feed cameras examining and broadcasting the space of the absent identity and presented alongside oil paintings of the scans. The original image was taken by Thomas Muller and video compositing for this NFT done in collaboration with Eric Kim."
  • "My work always combines the very real with the speculative to attempt to bring us closer to inaccessible things or places and invite questions about our contemporary identities and place in larger ecologies and systems.”
  • Michael Joo will be donating 10% of the proceeds from the NFT sale to Red Canary Song in support of their advocacy and community building for migrant massage workers and sex workers. The release will include exclusive access to an authentic digital image and signed digital diptych. A key figure in second-generation conceptual art, Michael Joo’s works are in the collections of MoMA, LACMA and Hirshhorn, among others.



May 7 2021


May 3 2021


May 3 2021

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