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10 x 10 / Inaugural NFTs


Jonathan Yeo

Self Portrait³, 2021

  • VideoNFT
  • 1920 x 1920 px
  • 0:31 min
    Signed by the artistSigned by the artist
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  • In Self-portrait³, Jonathan takes you on a journey around his studio to witness an imaginary artwork forming on a canvas sitting on an easel. 3D technology allowed Jonathan to see himself in a completely new light – in 3D, he can walk around himself as if looking at another person. Facilitating the im/possible, Self-portrait³ becomes a space where the audience can see Jonathan’s self-portrait as a 3D object, a 3D painting, and a time-lapse of the painting process, all in one piece. The artwork created in Jonathan’s virtual studio is an entirely imaginary thing, yet the ability to blur the lines and make something look like it is happening in the real world, in this case, Jonathan’s studio, is an exciting prospect to develop. Jonathan Yeo is one of the world’s leading contemporary portrait artists, known for both traditional and experimental portraiture. His sitters include David Attenborough, Malala Yousafzai, Damien Hirst, Idris Elba, Nicole Kidman and The Duke of Edinburgh.
  • This work uses a Fair Trade Art Certificate and 25% of the artist’s proceeds will benefit YoungMinds.



Apr 9 2021


Apr 5 2021


Apr 5 2021

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