Secure real world assets

Solutions for linking physical and digital

Transact with confidence

Track and prevent fraud by harnessing web3 for your physical assets

Go phygital

Easily connect physical assets with NFTs or Certificates of Authenticity with our linking solutions

Printed products

Provide a secure premium experience

Secure QR Stickers

Link physical items and creations to your digital certificate for greater security and trust.

  • Holographic sticker

  • Secure QR code

  • Unique serial number

  • Tamperproof

  • Acid-free adhesive

Easily create a secure link

Scan QR code

Customers or creators scan the QR sticker on the object the attached QR sticker

Verify your purchase

Create link and get a COA+

Holographic certificates

Impress customers with beautifully designed secure certificates.

  • 120gsm paper

  • Iris watermark & strip hologram

  • Invisible UV printing & heat-sensitive ink squares

  • Unique serial number

Print on any color printer with our secure paper stock

Transact the physical on-chain

Coming soon

Smart NFC Chips

Verisart’s new Transact Physical solution uses smart NFC chips to generate physical-backed tokens (PBT)

Transactional NFT

Verisart provides a Transactional NFT in addition to its PBT and patented Certificate of Authenticity

Sell on web3 marketplaces

The seller list the Transactional on any open web3 marketplace