What is Verisart?

Verisart is an award-winning digital certification service. We combine blockchain technology and beautiful design to enable creators, collectors and dealers to create professional Certificates of Authenticity.

We work with a wide range of artists, galleries, marketplaces and collectors to certify their works. So whether you’re starting out or world-renowned like Shepard Fairey and Neïl Beloufa, we're here for you!

Why use Verisart?

Our certificates provide the following benefits:

  • Unique certification of authenticity for your artwork

  • Permanent and secure record of ownership 

  • Protect your identity and control your privacy settings  

  • Customize your certificate to match your own style and branding 

  • Add an inventory number, personal notes and files to your certificate

What is blockchain?

You can think of blockchain as a distributed database.  Verisart uses the world’s most popular blockchain, the Bitcoin blockchain, to provide a trusted timeline while protecting individual identity.

Blockchains build trust because no one entity is in control and they utilize shared security standards across the network. Every Verisart certificate can be publicly verified while maintaining privacy requirements.

Find out more about how we use blockchain in our Help Center

How does it work?

Step 1

Provide information about your artwork or collectible to create your digital certificate.

Step 2

Your data is encrypted and securely recorded permanently on the blockchain.

Step 3

Your certificate is ready! Easily edit, customize and transfer to new owners. Subsequent changes are recorded ensuring your certificate is always up to date.

Getting started

How do I create a certificate?

- Go to your dashboard and click 'Create certificate'

- Select either 'Me. This is my own work', 'An artist I represent' or 'An artist I collect'

- Select the artist or maker name whose work you are certifying

- If the name you are looking for does not appear in the list, click 'Add new' to add an artist or maker

- Upload artwork or object images

- Fill out artwork details and add any additional files

- Click 'Save' to create your certificate and register it on the blockchain

How do I transfer a certificate?

- Go to your dashboard and find the certificate you would like to transfer

- On the dashboard card for the certificate, click 'transfer'

- Enter the new owner's details and confirm by pressing 'transfer'

- Your certificate is now with its new owner

How do I verify my identity?

Identity verification is one of our criteria for creating Certificates of Authenticity and helps you create more secure certificates.

You can verify your identity directly in the 'Create certificate' form when you add yourself as an artist.

- Under 'Who is the artist?', select 'Me. This is my own work.'

- Under 'Artist name' select 'Add new'

You will then be asked to verify your identity.

- Scan the QR code on your phone

- Follow the instructions (you will need your ID for this step)

How do I customize a certificate?

Certificate customization allows you to customize the design of your certificates by adding your own logo and background image.

Create your customization

- Click the 'customize' tab at the top of your dashboard

- Name your certificate template

- Choose your logo, background image and subheading

- Click 'Save'

Apply your customization to your certificate

- Start creating a certificate

- Under 'Certificate style' select the certificate template you want to use

- Your certificate will be created with your customization

How do I link my digital certificate to my physical work?

You can download and print labels to attach to your artwork or collectible.

Printed labels link a Verisart digital certificate with the physical artwork or collectible. They provide an important signal that the work is genuinely the one described in the certificate. An authentic label contains a secure QR code that links to your digital certificate. If you have a match, you can be more certain of an item’s authenticity.

Labels are only available to Premium and Business Plan users.

To download your label:

- Go to your dashboard

- Click the download icon

- Select “Labels”

The PDF file with the labels is designed to be printed on a sheet of 4 self-adhesive address labels and works for standard US and European paper sizes.

Verisart looks different, what's new?

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve released a whole new design giving creators greater control and introduced several new features.

Discover the benefits of the new Verisart:

- Explore our new certificate types

- Verify your identity securely

- Create multiple editions directly in the certify form

- Add supporting files and videos with enhanced privacy controls

- Edit data anytime and track changes

Find out more here

Where do I learn more?

We have a whole Help Center with useful guides and tips as well as a chat function with a live assistant.

Visit our Help Center for more information.

Need more information?

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